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self-deceit, 2014

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Mexican artist Ricardo Solis uses oil paint, ink and other media to create fantastic depictions of how various animal species are created by teams of Lilliputian workers. Strips of electrical tape are unrolled and applied to give a zebra its stripes while poison dart frogs are carefully painted. A grizzly bear’s furry coat is painstakingly woven and hot-air balloons are used to pour paint onto a flamingo and position a pangolin’s horny overlapping scales. The hippo gets its substantial size and shape thanks to a generous inflation of helium.

Visit Ricardo Solis’ Behance page to check out more of his awesome animals under construction. Prints are available via Solis’ website.

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I was to join dummy experiment project from Amber Dijs to re-create works base from her sketches.

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Fra Angelico - Annunciation (1434)

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My first .gif animation! 

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Tower in Orange and Green
Paul Klee, 1922 
Watercolor, ink, and graphite on paper, bordered with ink

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Kay Sage ~ “In the Third Sleep”, 1944

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